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Very nice, especially when none of the jewel cases seems to be broken or have any cracks on them which can happen when so many CDs are sent in the same package!

But nothing beats the feeling of only paying 0.01 EUR for a rare CD in "Very Good" condition There are only three sellers on Discogs who sells that Nostrum CD and the cheapest sells it for 14.11 EUR excluding shipping and only lists it at "Good" in condition. When I only payed 0.01 EUR for it in "Very Good" condition
Yeah, well every volume was brand new except for vol.33 and of course 21 and 23 of tunnel were used but in mint condition. And yeah i know what you mean about shipping breaking cd cases. I used to get crazy about it but now i don't care as long as the cd is good and booklets are good.

Yeah 0.01 is amazing haha...wish i could get d.trance cd for that much!